Random New Year Wishes To All My Friends

Have a Wonderful and Prosperous 2010, and an Excellent …

Anzac Day, Adam
Christmas Day, Adie
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day, Al
Easter Monday, Albert
April Fool’s Day, Alex
Daylight Savings Time ends, Allan
Spring Bank Holiday, Allen
Tax Day, Amy
President’s Day, Andrea
Flag Day, Andrew
George Washington’s Birthday, Andy
Bank Holiday, Angie
United Nations Day, Ann
Pentecost, Anna
Early May Bank Holiday, Annie
Anzac Day, Art
Good Friday, Ashley
Thanksgiving Day, Atul
Canberra Day, Becky
Pentecost, Bill
Citizenship Day, B.K.
St. Patrick’s Day, Brad
Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, Brian
Christmas Day, Bruce
Arbor Day, Carey
Groundhog’s Day, Cassie
New Year’s Day, Caturday
Australia Day, Charlie
St. Patrick’s Day, Cheryl
Halloween, Chris
Reformation Day, Cindy
Early May Bank Holiday, Clay
Trinity Sunday, Connie
Easter Saturday, Cory
Columbus Day, Cyndi
US General Election, Damien
Valentine’s Day, Dan
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day, Daniel
Flag Day, Danny
Citizenship Day, Dave
Easter Tuesday, David
Spring Bank Holiday, Declan
Inauguration Day, Dennis
Columbus Day, Dharam
Good Friday, Don
Anzac Day, Eduardo
Armed Forces Day, Edward
Valentine’s Day, Elias
Melbourne Cup Day, Eric
National Day of Prayer, Erin
Earth Day, Ernie
Black Friday, Evaristo
United Nations Day, Felix
Groundhog’s Day, Frank
Citizenship Day, Gary
Arbor Day, Geege
New Year’s Eve, Gennita
Ash Wednesday, George
Easter Sunday, Germo
Easter Monday, Gerald
Bank Holiday, Glenn
Armed Forces Day, Gordon
Melbourne Cup Day, Greg
Bank Holiday, Heather
Pentecost, Henrik
Thanksgiving Day, Hope
Ash Wednesday, Ian
Valentine’s Day, Jack
Epiphany, Jake
Labor Day, James
All Saints Day, Jamie
Pentecost, Jason
Flag Day, Jeff
New Year’s Day, Jeffrey
Christmas Eve, Jesse
Constitution Day, Jim
Black Friday, Joe
Spring Bank Holiday, John
Summer Bank Holiday, Jon
Groundhog’s Day, Jonah
Earth Day, Joseph
Palm Sunday, Joy
All Saints Day, judi
Veteran’s Day, Karen
Boxing Day, Kate
Thanksgiving Day, Kathryn
President’s Day, Keith
Australia Day, Kelly
Valentine’s Day, Ken
Christmas Day, Kent
Good Friday, Kevin
New Year’s Day, Kimberly
Earth Day, Kirk
US General Election, Kragen
Summer Bank Holiday, Kristin
Christmas Day, Kyle
Spring Bank Holiday, Larry
Christmas Day, Lars
Constitution Day, Laura
Easter Saturday, Lauri
Trinity Sunday, Linda
Canberra Day, Linden
US General Election, Lisa
Flag Day, Loni
Constitution Day, Lucas
Daylight Savings Time begins, Luis
Palm Sunday, Magdana
National Day of Prayer, Mandy
Citizenship Day, Marc
Palm Sunday, Mark
Earth Day, Martin
Golden Jubilee Bank Holiday, Marty
New Year’s Day, Mary
Inauguration Day, MaryAnn
All Saints Day, MaryMargaret
Canberra Day, Matthew
Labour Day, Melissa
Earth Day, Mey
Anzac Day, Michael
Daylight Savings Time begins, Mick
Royal Queensland Show, Miguel
Summer Bank Holiday, Mikael
Pentecost, Mike
Mardi Gras, Nancy
All Saints Day, Nathan
President’s Day, Neil
National Day of Prayer, Nick
Reformation Day, Nora
Inauguration Day, Owen
New Year’s Day, Pam
National Day of Prayer, Paul
National Day of Prayer, Pete
Thanksgiving Day, Peter
Veteran’s Day, Powell
Daylight Savings Time ends, Q
New Year’s Eve, Rachel
Christmas Eve, Radley
April Fool’s Day, Ray
Good Friday, Reza
Groundhog’s Day, Rhianna
Foundation Day, Richard
All Saints Day, Rick
Good Friday, Ridley
Australia Day, Rob
Summer Bank Holiday, Rohit
Queen’s Birthday, Ron
Thanksgiving Day, Rosie
Memorial Day, Russell
Reformation Day, Sarah
Queen’s Birthday, Scott
Queen’s Birthday, Seva
Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, Sharee
Armed Forces Day, Shirlee
Easter Tuesday, Sommer
Royal Queensland Show, Stephen
Early May Bank Holiday, Steve
Black Friday, Steven
Boxing Day, Sue
Labour Day, Susanne
Inauguration Day, Susy
Australia Day, Sydney
Labour Day, Tammy
Christmas Eve, Thom
Easter Saturday, Tim
Boxing Day, Tom
Pentecost, Tony
Maundy Thursday, Troy
Foundation Day, Udhay
US General Election, Waylon
Early May Bank Holiday, William
Labour Day, Zoran


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