You learn something wrong every day.

If you’re trying, anyway.

There’re a variety of ways we learn. Many of the more useful, profound, and even subtle lessons come through mistakes we make or fall victim to. Accordingly, this page is about winning through failure. Getting more turns at bat and making the most of the strike-outs. So we’ve got the Tom Peters thing going for us, God bless him.

But only in part. Because, not being Tom Peters, when I talk and write about it, it sounds a bit too facile. Sometimes, your turns at bat don’t seem to be getting you anywhere. And that doesn’t do much for me, frankly, since I have enough trouble with my own hitting slumps. Accordingly, this page is also about winning through quitting. So we’ve got the Seth Godin thing going for us as well, God bless him, too.

That doesn’t quite cover it either, though.  Making the wrong mistakes (and hats off to Thanh for that excellent phrase) may require correcting faulty conclusions garnered from previous failures, or obsoleted by the relentless march of modernity. Accordingly, this page is also about winning through unlearning. So we’ve got the David Weinberger thing going for us as well, God bless him, likewise. Not to mention Clay Shirky’s thing, Steven Johnson’s thing, Virginia Postrel’s thing, Amity Shlaes’s thing, and many others I’ll not mention in due time.

It’s all about the crap I’ve squirreled away in my head.

It’s also about whatever I happen to find amusing. Like /b/tards. And poking fun at people who are uptight at the slightest whiff of the politically incorrect.  And goofy signs. And anagrams that incorporate subtle layers of puns. And even the occasional single entendre.

Being craptard is to tip my 10-gallon 7-layer <metacrap> hat to Cory Doctorow, and laugh at the disconnect inherent in using Web 2.0 services to poke fun at Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of <metaknowledge>.

metaknowledge vs metacrap


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